The Hygiene Warehouse

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At O.B. Hygiene we guarantee:
Competitive Prices
We supply at very competitive prices which can be negotiated according to your volume requirements, number of delivery points and frequency of deliveries. Alternatively we can offer a consignment stock arrangement if you prefer us to hold stock on your behalf. We literally tailor our facilities to suit our customers.
Quality and Technical Support
Our products are manufactured to the highest BS standards. We can issue certs of conformity if required. Health and Safety data is also available on request. We offer on site assesment where problems occur. We have the backup of an experienced team of chemists to find solutions in a research and development laboratory. We are always aware of environmental considerations.
Product Rationalisation
You can avoid duplication of products when one product will fulfil a variety of needs.
Product Range
As you can see from our website, we have a very extensive product range available.
We pride ourselves on having a very efficient delivery service, which we provide free of charge.
Variety of Payment Options
We offer a great variety of payment options so you can choose one that best suits you. We accept Direct Debit, payment on delivery, and all major credit and laser cards.

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