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Chairman of Club Rossie David O'Connor closes the evening:

- wishes Liam Tully and u17s the best of luck
- thanks Diane and Olivia who put in Trojan effort on Draw
- thanks Clubs for the push they make for all codes
- he believes in one Club model - men and woman, football, hurling and camogie as well as handball and Scor
- Thanks Jerry Padian
- we're at pin of collar fundraising - we can manage day to day but to clear all legacy debt and fund capital projects we need one or 2 big functions - Jerry, New York and American Friends will be critical
- we need everyone behind the projects we're undertaking
- our CR bus drivers who are so committed
- London and Australia need to be harnessed
- 1,949 people became members this year which is a fantastic achievement
- thanks County Board officials
- we've trebled Business Membership this year
- we'll kick off early next year at start of league
- thanks to Willie for a great MC job

That's Membership over for this year - thanks to everyone who supported and continue to help the Rossies! 💙💛
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Bernie OsgoodThat's great club Rossie support the LGFA 💛💙

19 hours ago

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Josephine Rogers StrainWell done everyone

10 hours ago

Teresa O'BrienAnd Rounders??

7 hours ago

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