Club Rossie Live Win a Home in London

Mary Dinnegan from Longford wins London apartment worth £695,000 (sterling)

€906,500 (euro) raised for the development of GAA facilities in Roscommon in the Win a Home in London fundraiser

Tonight, Wednesday 30th December 2020, in a socially distanced draw independently observed by PwC and broadcast live on Facebook, Mary Dinnegan, from Ballymahon in Longford won a Ballymore apartment in London City Island worth £695,000.

The fundraiser, organised by Club Rossie, the voluntary commercial and fundraising arm of Roscommon GAA, was launched in December 2019 and concluded tonight following a particularly challenging year against a backdrop of the global health pandemic brought about by Covid-19.

Speaking on behalf of Roscommon GAA, Brian Carroll, Chairman of Roscommon GAA said:

“Congratulations to Mary Dinnegan on winning this year’s incredible top prize of a luxury home in London. Thank you, and all our entrants, for supporting Roscommon GAA.

This is a fantastic result for Roscommon GAA. Delivering over €905,000 profit to Roscommon GAA in the middle of a global pandemic is a massive credit to our Club Rossie team. Our previous house draw in 2018 which netted over €943k put our finances in a robust position. This draw is another boost to our balance sheet and will support the development the Dermot Earley Centre of Participation and upgrade of Dr. Hyde Park.

On behalf of everyone at Roscommon GAA, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who supported this fundraiser, also would like to thank our fundraising team, Club Rossie, for their stellar work. I’d also like to acknowledge the unrelenting support of Sean Mulryan and the Ballymore team, without whom none of this would have been possible”.

A gross €2,161,500 was raised with the following costs:

  • Discounted purchase of apartment:                                                         €635,000
  • Marketing investment:                                                                                  €246,000
  • Charity partner contributions:                                                                    €45,000
  • Online payment costs:                                                                                   €39,000
  • Cash prizes for draw:                                                                                      €20,000
  • GB refunds:                                                                                                        €270,000

Following this investment, Roscommon GAA retain a profit of €906,500.


  • 1st prize, apartment in London City Island:                     Mary Dinnegan, Longford (16534)
  • 2nd prize, €5,000 cash:                                                        Racheal Dooley, Dublin (03120)
  • 3rd prize, €1,000 cash:                                                         Paul Young, Kilkenny (21458)
  • 4th prize, €1,000 cash:                                                         Sandra Claxton, Mayo (07386)
  • 5th prize, €1,000 cash:                                                         David Gannon, Roscommon (00646)
  • 6th prize, €1,000 cash:                                                         Hugh Cunniffe, Roscommon (00422)
  • 7th prize, €1,000 cash:                                                         Aidan O’Neill, Dublin (09435)
  • 8th prize, €500 cash:                                                            Deirdre O’Shaughnessy, Roscommon (07653)
  • 9th prize, €500 cash:                                                           Gerry Joyce, Galway (18174)
  • 10th prize, €500 cash:                                                          Tom Brady, Roscommon (01920)

Thank you

We are very appreciative of all the support we received from across the world and especially from Roscommon and Ireland.

The funds raised through the Win a Home in London fundraiser will make a considerable difference to the future of many young people in Roscommon through the development of vital sports facilities.

A contribution from the competition proceeds will also be made to our charity partners. We will be donating €35,000 to the London Irish Centre in Camden and €10,000 to the Mayo Roscommon Hospice.

We are very grateful to Sean Mulryan and the Ballymore team for all their support to Roscommon GAA over many years.

Finally, the fully voluntary Club Rossie team, who receive no pay or expenses, deserve a very special mention for their incredible efforts in raising €3.5 million over the past 7 years including €943,000 in our 2018 draw.