Integrated Risk Solutions

Integrated Risk Solutions

Integrated Risk Solutions are specialists in health and safety legislation who help clients identify, assess, reduce and manage risk.
They are a team of highly qualified, highly technical, specialist engineers and scientists. We know the industries we work in. We understand health and safety legislation upside down and inside out.

Integrated Risk Solutions ensure our clients are fully aware of all health and safety legislation that’s relevant to them. They know what can go wrong, the risks and the solutions. Through their expertise, they help our clients identify, assess, reduce and manage risk. In a nut shell they help lower risk, lower costs and increase productivity.
What we do many others do, but with our level of experience we do it more efficiently and more effectively.Over the past 20 years, we have been operating as trusted, senior health and safety consultants to more than 300 clients, completing more than 5,400 specific projects.We know that when clients implement effective safety and environmental management systems all aspects of their business improves. The management system is a valued asset and gives our clients a competitive advantage. A good safety and environmental management system is integral to good business practice.We provide intelligent management systems which result in fewer accidents, less business interruption and higher productivity.
Trusted Environmental, Health and Safety Consultants to over 300 Clients
We provide practical sensible, no nonsense, commercially astute advice. With our guidance clients ensure they are fully compliant with legislation without unnecessary complications.
Flexibility & Efficiency
At Integrated Risk Solutions you deal with senior, experienced, specialist experts, who not only know their subject matter but have the communication skills to liaise with our clients’ personnel at various level of seniority and with people from a variety of disciplines. Our team's ability to listen, understand and communicate is as important as their technical expertise.
We have completed more than 5,400 specific projects.View our Services
We take our responsibilities to our clients seriously. We review each and every project to ensure that we don’t take cases where a conflict of interest may occur regardless of the value of the job.We believe in honesty and fair play and endeavour to always act with integrity and fairness.

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