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An open letter to supporters – Roscommon GAA needs you!

Dear Supporter,
Thanks to your support, and that of our Sponsors, Partners and Business Members, Club Rossie; the commercial and fund raising arm of Roscommon GAA, has generated in the region of €2 Million towards the development of Gaelic Games in the county since being established in 2014.

The Club Rossie “brand” is now well known throughout Ireland and beyond, not just amongst Roscommon GAA supporters. It represents all that is good about Gaelic Games, bringing people from all corners of the county together for the common purpose of helping Roscommon teams to be the best that they can be and hopefully competitive on the National Stage.

Club Rossie is determined to build on the success to date and help “make a difference” for all our players. Off the field we try to use our network to support players in their pursuit of education and employment.

Objectives for 2017

Our ultimate objective is to secure a sustainable and transparent income stream in support of the aims of Roscommon GAA. To do this we need your help.

Roscommon GAA would really appreciate it if you would become a Club Rossie Member and, if possible, encourage your fellow supporters to do likewise by spreading the good news of what has been achieved to date.

Roscommon will always have it’s challenges, given the size of the county, however Club Rossie in conjunction with the County Officers and Clubs, is determined to help give all our teams the required platform, in terms of support and facilities, to rival other Counties.

Our second objective for this year is to put Roscommon GAA Finances on a firm footing at the end of this year. This will enable more money to go towards longer term projects in the future

Thank you

We want to thank all our current and past Members for their goodwill and generosity to date. The Clubs nominated by Club Rossie Members have also benefited from commission on Membership sales. This year Clubs will receive €50 from your Membership, once they exceed their Sales Target.

We want to assure Roscommon GAA supporters everywhere that we will leave no stone un-turned in our efforts to grow membership and to help provide all our county’s representatives with the necessary resources to accompany their incredible commitment to the Primrose and Blue.

– The Club Rossie Team

What’s on offer?

Gold Membership costs €228 and includes

  • 3 entries in our Members Draw, which has a top prize of €20,000, plus
  • the choice of a exclusive Club Rossie Jacket,
  • a Club Rossie Car Air Freshener and
  • entry into Draws for All-Ireland Tickets and more.

Bronze Membership costs €100 and includes

  • one entry in our Members Draw, which has a top prize of €20,000, and
  • a Club Rossie Car Air Freshener

As usual Members will receive updates for Email, SMS and (new for 2017) Whatsapp, plus invitations to events, special offers from Business Members and more.

Ways to renew

There are a number of ways that you can renew your Membership
Pay On-Line using your Credit/Debit Card or PayPal account at
Pay by Cash or Cheque in the Roscommon GAA Office, Racecourse Road, Roscommon (it’s open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm) OR via the Club Rossie Rep in your Club.